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In my artistic endeavors, I delve into the intricate interplay between creation and destruction, weaving a narrative that explores the inherent lack of control in the human experience. The canvas becomes a metaphorical battlefield where opposing forces collide, giving birth to new forms while simultaneously dismantling the old.

Bodily autonomy remains a central theme, highlighting the struggle for self-determination despite mounting evidence supporting notions of environmental control. Through my art, I aim to depict the vulnerability and resilience intrinsic to the human experience, navigating the tension between asserting one's autonomy and succumbing to forces beyond our control.

The absence of free will takes center stage in my creations, capturing the constraints and limitations that shape our choices. My experimental and process driven compositions becomes a reflection of the deterministic nature of existence, where the freedom to create is constrained by the inevitable pull of external forces.

In the delicate dance between creation and destruction, I allow myself to respond to unexpected visual information. It is an exploration of the beauty that emerges from chaos, acknowledging the impermanence and unpredictability that defines our existence. In this exploration, I hope to provoke uncertainty and challenge notions of individual responsibility, paving the way for greater understanding and empathy towards others.

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